Dog sled Initiation

Sled of 10 to 15 dogs, near Lamarche)

Distance : 40 km
Difficulty : Beginner
Price : 325$ per person plus taxes
» Accommodation

No night included

Also available: Intermediate dog sled tour, 2 days and 1 night.
Do not hesitate to request more information!

» Map and itinerary

This package offers the possibility to experience a secure introduction to dogsled, the guide drives a team of 10 to 15 dogs, and will also let you drive which gives the opportunity to live and fully enjoy the trek.

Start at 9 am at the Jos Bonka relay in l'Ascension, dog sled trek with a guide and followed by driving the sled with the guide's supervision.

Tour of about 40 km.

» Contact us

Contact us for more details and reservations at info@equinoxaventure.ca.


This activity can be added to a snowmobile trip inside a multi-activity package.

» Information on the package

The pacakge include:

  • Presentation, preparation of the sled and harnessing the dog
  • Explanation by the guide about the basics of dog sled
  • Hot lunch around a fire
  • Driving the dog sled under the guide's supervision
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